Dr. Daphne Thomas, Asst. Treasurer

Daphne G. Thomas was born in India, grew up in an Arab country, Oman where her parents worked as physicians.  She gave her life to the Lord at age 13 and grew up around home cell groups in Oman where the message of Jesus Christ was preached uncompromisingly to the expatriate population there.


 She came to the USA at age 16 where she pursued her Bachelor’s degree in Bio-Medical Chemistry at Oral Roberts University.  This was followed by a Medical Doctorate at the Medical College of Ohio in Toledo and finally, specialization in Emergency Medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospitals in Baltimore, MD.


 Daphne now lives in the Washington, DC suburb of Potomac Falls, Virginia where she practices emergency medicine at a local hospital and has 2 daughters, Alyssa and Olivia.  She attends National Community Church and is actively involved in doing medical missions around the world.  Recent trips have included Cambodia, India, Nicaragua and Ghana with future ventures planned in Africa and other areas.


 Daphne loves the Lord Jesus Christ with all her heart and is dedicated to bringing others to Christ in her sphere of influence.  Her prayer is that we may be relevant Christians to a lost, hurting world.